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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Ha, I bet those of you that read this semi-often are suprised to see that I am updating without having to be nagged, and it's so soon.
Well, I have just seen the new movie Alien vs. Predator. I must say that this movie is a piece of crap that isn't worthy of it's title. But, it is a great action movie that is worth the $5 to $7 it costs to see it on the big screen. It's basically a movie about a these people that find a pyramid that is hundreds of years old. Little do they know that it is a training ground, for the Predators to hunt Aliens. It's got a lot of special effects and a thrill a second type attitude, but I just can't bring myself to call it a good piece of cinematography. Thus, I must give it a 5 out of ten. Watch it, but you can do it at your leisure.
Well, that is the news from the Movie Guy.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

This entry has been a long time coming. I must apologize to all of you that actually read my blog. Especially Allison and Derrick.
Well, enough of that, on to the movies. Recently, I have seen Fairenheight 9/11 (I think that is how it's spelled). It's Michael Moore's new movie about how bad of a Pesident, "W" is. The movie is excellent. It is a real work of genius. I must commend Mr. Moore on this one. I don't think that it has as much impact as Bowling for Columbine did but, it is very factual. The movie is all fact that is stated in such a way so as to make us think a certain way. Yet, I tend to agree with him on these points.(I have heard an interesting rumor that Micheal Moore has dared anyone to find a fact that isn't true in his movie.)
I have just been informed that I have been insulted on a friend of mines blog for not updating on a regular basis. The Blog war has begun you Jerk.
Well, I can't promise that I will update it anytime soon but, you can always hope or tell Allison and Derrick to make fun of me and tell me to do it. So, until the Movie Man updates again keep on reading.

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